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Before our Meet

  • I will send the address one hour prior to our date

  • If you are 10 minutes late prior to your ETA without notice, I will charge a non-negotiable $50 late fee.

  • If you are 15 minutes late with no communication, our appointment will be cancelled and you will be blocked

  • ^ I am much more understanding when there is communication

  • Upon your arrival, I will ask you to send a photo of the hotel, to verify your here and at the correct place

  • The donation must be placed on the table within the first few minutes of our meet

  • For DINNER DATES : The donation must be given to me in a envelope or gift bag the first few minutes after sitting down

  • Uber to and from the restaurant is non negotiable. I DO NOT get into personal vehicles for safety purposes

  • Lingerie is by request or I will be cute and casual for our time together

  • Recording is available

    • Recording on your own personal device - extra donation​

    • Record on my device for ONLYFANS. I will need you to sign a NDA and I will send you the final video afterwards. **Your face and tattoos do not need to be in the video

  • Extending our date is always an option - extension donation will be applied

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